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Philanthropy is about caring for others. A philanthropist’s work takes many forms. One common philanthropic act is giving money to a charity, non-profit organization, or anyone else who needs it. Contrary to popular belief, it doesn’t take money to give. Other philanthropic acts require dedicating time to volunteer or share kindness and wisdom. Philanthropy isn’t truly about money: it’s about love.

Some of today’s notable philanthropists like Bill Gates and Warren Buffet can (and do) donate millions of dollars to their chosen causes. Unfortunately, everyone doesn’t have this power. The average person might have a few dollars to spare—not a few million. Instead, most people who give money drop in some change for a cause or gift money to someone in the community who needs it. There’s a good feeling that follows, but most people want to give more.

People are starving for help, but it’s not always about the money. For example, if someone wanted to renovate their house, the cost might be their biggest hurdle. Maybe the money is just the biggest obstacle. Some people buckle under the pressure of their projects because the physical labor or mental stress is wearisome. Some people have no projects.

Everyone has moments where they need guidance on what to do or how to do it. Everyone needs a kind conversation, a listening ear, or even a shoulder to cry on at some point. Sometimes what people need are two more helping hands.

Other philanthropists like Mother Teresa and Mahatma Gandhi are not known for gifting money to the poor or charitable organizations. Instead, they are known for their efforts to educate the youth and peacefully protest injustice. No amount of money could have done the work or provided the changes the people of the world were craving at the time.

The people of the world will always have strife, and money doesn’t conquer struggle by itself. Philanthropy is about much more than money: it’s about caring for others according to what someone can give. Philanthropists give of the good that’s in them. Sometimes that’s money combined with a cause. At other times, philanthropy means human kindness or actual physical help, and this type of thing is always delivered with love.