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Many nonprofits work at a constant rate trying to secure much-needed funding to keep the nonprofit functioning at a high level. Although there are small changes that occur with funding each year, most nonprofits receive funding from similar sources year in and year out. There are specific ways nonprofits gain funding across the board and this article will go into some of those methods these nonprofits use to support their important projects.


Fees and Sale of Products

Think of the many nonprofits that charge a fee or sell products. The Goodwill or Salvation Army thrift stores sell products to keep their nonprofits helping workers learn the skills they need to acquire a job and career. Many Universities are nonprofits as well and receive much money from the public, but also charge for tuition and other products.


Charity From People

Humans are a giving bunch and the vast majority of money within nonprofits comes directly from people giving to charity. In the year 2018, the amount given by people to charity was $427.71 billion dollars.


Corporate Philanthropy

Corporations are an important contributor to nonprofits. Nonprofits are always looking for ways to work directly with a corporation that may be able to fund larger projects that smaller contributions just can’t be relied on for. Many times corporations will match donations that their employees gather, making a big difference for nonprofits in need of funding for their projects and services.


Federated Funds

Business communities in America are united together and this makes them great for nonprofits. Although this type of funding is becoming increasingly less common, it is still a good source of funding for a nonprofit. It has been less used in recent times because there are now better ways for individuals to be directly involved with the nonprofits they give to. Millennials are looking for more direct funding to the charity.


Grant-Making Public Charities

Being a mix between a private foundation and charity, these generally gain funding from private foundations, the government, and even the general public. After receiving the funds, the funds will be distributed to other nonprofits. Some of the grant-making public charities are local and others are national.