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The pandemic has really hurt the economy. Although many people want to help charities, their wallets are hurting. Here are some ways you can help your local nonprofit with little to no money.


Volunteer at a Social Service

When people think of volunteering, they typically think of a soup kitchen or food bank. But social services really need people as well. You work one-on-one with people, usually helping them craft a resume and apply for jobs. They are critical to society, especially considering the recession due to the pandemic.


Teach technology skills

You and your friends are probably technology savvy. Everyone takes social media or the internet for granted. But many people can’t use them.

A great volunteer opportunity is teaching basic technology to people. Common students might include senior citizens and the economically disadvantaged. You might also help the disabled use adaptive software.

It might seem simple, but being able to turn on a computer and contact relatives on facebook or with email could be life changing to someone.


Donate rarely used clothing

People eventually tire of their clothes. Either the clothes go out of style or the people get new clothes which they favor. Either way, there’s probably a decent amount of clothes that you have that can be donated. You can take them to Good Will, a thrift store, or the Salvation Army.


Donate Unused Electronics

There are nonprofits that take donations of old electronics. They include Cell Phones for Soldiers and the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence. Many electronics like computer monitors and cell phones have valuable materials in them. They’re scrapped for materials like copper and gold.


Garage Sale

Your house probably has a lot of clutter and unwanted items. Why not host a garage sale to raise funds for charity? If you’re particularly ambitious you can invite your neighbors and have a regional sale.

Some items you might want to get rid of and list only for a $1 or even make it free. Other items, like vintage video games, you should do some price research on.

When the sale is completed, use sites like Charity Navigator to find a charity. Charity Navigator researches how efficient non-profits are.

No money? No problem. There are plenty of ways you can help charities still.