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Charities are an important part of our society. They typically need to get funds from donors to keep running. Be smart with your donations by following these tips.


Research Charities

Research the charities you’re interested in by phone or online. Depending on how many you’re considering, you might want to buy a notebook and take notes. Learn about their missions. Do any of them strike a chord with you? Maybe you’re an animal lover so shelters are a natural choice. Or if someone in your family has had a particular health problem, consider donating to a related nonprofit.  You can also go in-depth and find out about their accomplishments, status, and growth.


Consider Administrative Costs

Administrative costs eat at the budget of nonprofits if they’re not efficiently run. This means less money is spent on services and programs. It could also be a mark of financial trouble. They will be high if the charity uses a for-profit telemarketer. Often they get little of the money they raise. Most people wouldn’t want their hard-earned money going towards the salaries of outside telemarketers.


How Much Can You Afford?

When you learn about the pain in the world, it’s easy to get carried away and make a donation that is too large for your budget. You might regret it. Before sending a check, do a careful examination of how much you can spend. You can look into cutting unnecessary costs like subscriptions.


Maximize with Matching Gift

Sometimes matching gift special offers are available. These can come from a wealthy individual, a foundation, or even an employer. These can be great because they multiply the amount of good you do.


Automatic Donations

Automatic donations lessen the costs of fundraising for nonprofits. You form part of a solid foundation for a charity. It’ll also make your record-keeping easier.


Gift Non-Cash Assets

Gifting things like real estate or cars are great because the nonprofit will handle the sale of the item for you. There’s no hassle of dealing with brokers or buyers.


Keep Proper Records

Every donor should try to get a tax deduction. You could use the rebate to donate even more money to the causes you care about. Write down the charity name, the contribution amount, and the date of donation.  Many people want to help the world by donating to nonprofits. There’s a smart way to do things.