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Hurricane Harvey hit the Texas area in 2017, and the area is still cleaning up from the devastation years later. The hardest hit areas were Houston and Southeast Texas, where up to 200,000 homes were impacted and millions of dollars of damage occurred. Since the start of the hurricane, charities have been on the ground helping out those in need, including these 5 local and national organizations.


1. Food for the Hungry

Access to food and shelter are the top two priorities after a natural disaster strikes, and Food for the Hungry helps with that. Through donations, they provide things like:

  • Food
  • Clean drinking water
  • Basic hygiene supplies
  • Blankets and other bedding
  • Medical attention and cleanup assistance as needed
2. Greater Houston Community Foundation

The Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund was set up through the Greater Houston Community Foundation. The foundation collects monetary donations, which are all tax-deductible to those who donate. The funds are then distributed to those directly affected by the hurricane. Non-monetary donations are also accepted and distributed appropriately.


3. Houston SPCA

Countless animals were affected by the hurricane, and they need assistance too. The Houston SPCA rescues and takes care of the animals displaced by the storm. In conjunction with the American Red Cross, they opened multiple shelters across the Texas area to house these animals in need.


4. American Red Cross

Speaking of the American Red Cross, they assisted with more than just establishing animal shelters. They also shelter, food, and compassion to those suffering from the hurricane’s devastation. They also provided blood donations to those injured during the storm. Over 1,000 volunteers hit the ground running at the start of Hurricane Harvey, and there are still many volunteering there years later.


5. MAP International

Hygiene is a big concern following a natural disaster, as poor hygiene can spread diseases. MAP International provides hygiene kits to those in need, full of essential items like soap, toothbrushes, and toothpaste.

There are so many other charities who have assisted with Hurricane Harvey relief. The Texas community came together and is rebuilding- one day at a time.